The MAINST Protocol

A new multiple anti-infective non-surgical therapy in the treatment of peri-implantitis: a case series

Treatment of peri-implantitis is still a chal- lenge. this study presents a new non-sur- gical approach that combines the use of a topi- cal antibiotic and air-driven Erythritol powder for treating a contaminated implant surface.
The technique proved to have good clinical
results, with resolution of infection and stable outcomes, which were maintained for up to a year in a group of fifteen patients. An effective non-surgical approach would be less invasive and more cost-effective for patients.
the replacement of missing teeth with den- Vol. 66 – No. 6 MiNerVa StoMatologica 255
tal implants is a predictable and worldwide choice of action in modern dentistry. However, a frequent biological complication associated with this treatment option is the inflammation of the tissues surrounding the implant, also known as mucositis and peri-implantitis.